On J. Z. Smith and the Remarkable

A start of a new year, the ominous weather forecast, the beginning of yet another semester...if this moment is anything, it is one where we can signify our resolve by any number of means. And in that unremarkable fact, we might ask how and why such moments become remarkable. Currently many students of religion are … Continue reading On J. Z. Smith and the Remarkable

Lessons Learned While Blogging the Future

The Back to the Future trilogy is part of my personal canon. I mean who doesn’t love hover boards and Huey Lewis & the News? But for all of its whimsy, it makes a profound statement about human fathoming. The films are a meditation on the paradox that, although “the grass is always greener on … Continue reading Lessons Learned While Blogging the Future

“Gradating” Understanding in the Religious Studies Classroom

The idea is to create an environment where students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and to get help when they can't figure something out on their own.

When Texts Sell

I have never really felt comfortable with the presumed division between teaching and scholarship. The challenges and insights of my students inspire me to research. In fact, I do my best work after my ideas are have been vetted in the classroom. My primary area of study is the anthropology or social construction of scriptures. … Continue reading When Texts Sell