#SyrRelBodies: US Religions and the Regulation of Bodies of Color

Learn more about Dr. Goodwin's amazing class here and follow the hashtag #SyrRelBodies on Twitter for a well-curated discussion of US religions and the regulation of bodies of color. 1. Tell us about #SyrRelBodies. Describe the project. #SyrRelBodies is the hashtag for “Black+Blue,” my honors course on American religion and the regulation of bodies of … Continue reading #SyrRelBodies: US Religions and the Regulation of Bodies of Color

#CLUsexeth – Teaching Sexual Ethics Through Twitter

  In this interview, Kirsten Gerdes tells us about how she uses Netflix's Orange is the New Black and Twitter as a way of engaging students about sexual ethics and religion. 1. Tell us about the hashtag. Describe the project.  At California Lutheran University (CLU), I teach a class on sexual ethics for the religion department, and … Continue reading #CLUsexeth – Teaching Sexual Ethics Through Twitter

Teaching Starter: Milking Classification

NPR and WBUR's Here and Now featured a fascinating example of the power of classification. Dairy farmers say makers of plant-based milks — like almond milk and soy milk — are stealing away their customers. As Harvest Public Media's Luke Runyon (@LukeRunyon) reports, the fight boils down to the definition of a single word. If … Continue reading Teaching Starter: Milking Classification

Roll w/ Us at #SBLAAR16

This weekend are the Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. Scholars in these areas will be descending upon San Antonio, TX to discuss the ins and outs of their research. For those of you who've never been and are watching from afar, keep up with the official … Continue reading Roll w/ Us at #SBLAAR16