REL100 Exam 3 Review

In the prior exam period, you used your hermeneutics of suspicion to think about how a number of discourses function as tools of social construction. Classification, structure, and habitus became terms by which you could deconstruct essentialist understandings of society and move toward a critical and more sophisticated understanding of how society works. In this … Continue reading REL100 Exam 3 Review

REL100 Exam 1 Review

Your first exam will cover content from Russell T. McCutcheon's introductory essay on the study of religion in culture and the first three chapters of Craig Martin's textbook. This is a multiple choice exam that will test your foundational understanding of social constructionism, the study of religion in culture, and the historical tensions in which … Continue reading REL100 Exam 1 Review

You’re a historian; Get the Memo?

A stack old books with the one on the top opened up.

One of the standard skills in a university education is the reading of a historical text. Traditionally this learning objective is explained in terms of two competencies--the engagement of primary sources and the use of secondary sources to assist in the interpretation of those primary sources. In fact, the very design of historical curricula is … Continue reading You’re a historian; Get the Memo?

Time Sensitive Islam Scholar Team-Up

So my Islam class at the University of Alabama is preparing for their second exam. It basically covers 7th to 13th centuries (but that's kind of a lie because we always jump around the timeline). I'd give you map coordinates but we jump around quite a bit there too. Anyway, I almost always hold a … Continue reading Time Sensitive Islam Scholar Team-Up