“Better Know a Religion Blog” and “The State of the Study of Religion”


  Looking to add some substantial religious studies scholarship to your blog diet? The North American Association for the Study of Religion has you covered with their fantastic new series, "Better Know a Religion Blog." This has been a great way for us to keep track of what our colleagues are doing in the field. Last … Continue reading “Better Know a Religion Blog” and “The State of the Study of Religion”

What Went Without Saying


Curator's Note--I've struggled for weeks with how to conclude the Bible and Race in the USA series. People's shock at the malleability of truth and the temptation of exceptionalism has challenged me to re-situate the discussion. So before you is a personal reflection to explore why so few of our current events are actually textbook. … Continue reading What Went Without Saying

Incarcerated in the “Land of the Free”


After the recent LA Times mea culpa regarding two published letters rationalizing Japanese-American internment, we take a concerted effort at examining an aspect of WWII history that is often overlooked: religion. Marlee Schwalm (Elizabethtown College '18) surfaced a struggle between Shinto and Christianity in the Pacific conflict. Written before the LA Times imbroglio, her piece is a … Continue reading Incarcerated in the “Land of the Free”

Roll w/ Us at #SBLAAR16


This weekend are the Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. Scholars in these areas will be descending upon San Antonio, TX to discuss the ins and outs of their research. For those of you who've never been and are watching from afar, keep up with the official … Continue reading Roll w/ Us at #SBLAAR16

On Theory and Syllabi


What is it that we are are hoping students gain from our classes? What do we want them to experience? What excites us about what they'll bring to the table? What scares us about it? What are we too quick or too afraid to name in our courses of study?