Statistics and Essentialism: More to the Story

Everyone loves a good statistic...until they don't. We love the convenience of having statistical data readily available in order to defend our arguments. But if you've ever been on the side of being someone else's statistic, then you probably know that there's more to the story then just the numbers. Here's a thought experiment: Go … Continue reading Statistics and Essentialism: More to the Story

You’re a historian; Get the Memo?

A stack old books with the one on the top opened up.

One of the standard skills in a university education is the reading of a historical text. Traditionally this learning objective is explained in terms of two competencies--the engagement of primary sources and the use of secondary sources to assist in the interpretation of those primary sources. In fact, the very design of historical curricula is … Continue reading You’re a historian; Get the Memo?

Get Resourceful for REL #COVID19

I was talking with a friend earlier today. And as we were sharing about how our institutions are facing #COVID19, I realized that I have a lot of material that may be of use to those scholars of religion who are preparing to change how they'll teach their classes. Below you'll find a guide to content that you might find useful.