On Theory and Syllabi

What is it that we are are hoping students gain from our classes? What do we want them to experience? What excites us about what they'll bring to the table? What scares us about it? What are we too quick or too afraid to name in our courses of study?

The Heroic Justice of Grammatical and Stylistic Decisions

Dr. Kevin Shorner-Johnson continues our look at the power of words with a reflection on how the ethics of diction in the college classroom. See earlier posts on Millennials and persuasion, scriptures in public school, and sexual rhetoric in the Hebrew Bible.      For college students, acts of justice often seem to be abstract … Continue reading The Heroic Justice of Grammatical and Stylistic Decisions

Calling All Students and Scholars

This October, we began our soft launch of Sowing the Seed: Fruitful Conversations on Religion, Culture, and Teaching. You’ve encouraged our team to keep this thing going. We’re with you! We hope you’ll stay with us for our grand launch in January. Thanks to a grant from Elizabethtown College, we are able to hire a … Continue reading Calling All Students and Scholars