The Bible and Race in the USA: An Introduction to Contexts

In 2014 I began teaching an Elizabethtown College course called "The Bible and Race in the USA." It's a seminar driven by a question about how discourses like "Bible," "race" and "America" inform each other to the extent that we can hardly unweave them. There's a craftiness to textuality that we quickly forget all that … Continue reading The Bible and Race in the USA: An Introduction to Contexts

Whither the Study of Religion and Culture?

By definition, students are committed to forming an awareness of these constructions. Do they have to abandon using the term? No. But they should think carefully about what they intend by doing so, especially when trying to convey their observations, questions, and arguments to others.

Words We Mean By

A year ago I led an undergraduate viewing of the 2015 film, The Central Park Five. The movie chronicles how the New York City law and order establishment wrongfully imprisoned a quintet of black youth for the sexual assault of a white woman in 1989.

Calling All Students and Scholars

This October, we began our soft launch of Sowing the Seed: Fruitful Conversations on Religion, Culture, and Teaching. You’ve encouraged our team to keep this thing going. We’re with you! We hope you’ll stay with us for our grand launch in January. Thanks to a grant from Elizabethtown College, we are able to hire a … Continue reading Calling All Students and Scholars