Reading “The African American Bible” on Paper and in Class

The Journal of Biblical Literature recently published a series on ways that biblical scholars have engaged with #BlackLivesMatter in their work.

Thoughts on the State of our Disunion

Today, we can speak casually of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Many of us are not required to think about, really think about, the effects of three hundred-plus years of “writing on backs” that lead to the movement. We are removed from the economic realities and social injustices that lit the fire for that movement. Anyone who has not had to come to terms with the persistence of that writing on the backs is not likely to feel the sense of urgency that racism in this country ought to stir in all of us.

Christian Support for the Black Lives Matter Campaign

Hannah Ciocco examines Black Lives Matter’s recent overtures among Christian communities, drawing parallels to the role of religion in the Civil Rights Movement. Ciocco draws upon the work of Broadcast Seeding guest, Drew G.I. Hart for insight on the role of religion in social activism and engagement.   “Every 28 hours, a black person is murdered … Continue reading Christian Support for the Black Lives Matter Campaign

Comparing the Games We Play: The Limits of Privilege-Checking

Instead of trying to decide whether a Muslim kid of African descent really built a clock or just assembled its pieces from a hobby kit at Radio Shack, maybe we should be asking why that isn’t enough to merit recognition in a STEM-loving world with kids who've never seen a soldering iron.

Christianity Before and After Charleston of the most vivid accounts of baptism in the Black Church tradition while contextualizing the role of race and Christianity in American life.