#SyrRelBodies: US Religions and the Regulation of Bodies of Color

Learn more about Dr. Goodwin’s amazing class here and follow the hashtag #SyrRelBodies on Twitter for a well-curated discussion of US religions and the regulation of bodies of color.

Mediating Perceptions of Race and Criminal Justice in America

Rhetorics of “law and order” have returned with a vengeance in the 2016 US Presidential Debate. Sowing the Seed is going to repost pieces from its Summer 2016 Reading Race and Criminality series in an attempt to deepen the discussion. Emily Soltys builds on Matthew Kuraska’s piece, to look at the role of media and language in discussing the … Continue reading Mediating Perceptions of Race and Criminal Justice in America

The Stereotype of Criminal Blackness

Racial inequality is a well-known problem across the United States, but people rarely know how or why these numerous socio-economic gaps were created and allowed to persist between humans with simple differences in physical characteristics. In fact, the racial disparities that we observe today find their origin from the inception of a country that set forth that all men are created equal. But recent research suggests that many citizens may inherently believe otherwise.