Incarcerated in the “Land of the Free”

After the recent LA Times mea culpa regarding two published letters rationalizing Japanese-American internment, we take a concerted effort at examining an aspect of WWII history that is often overlooked: religion. Marlee Schwalm (Elizabethtown College '18) surfaced a struggle between Shinto and Christianity in the Pacific conflict. Written before the LA Times imbroglio, her piece is a … Continue reading Incarcerated in the “Land of the Free”

Fear, Florida, and Faith-Based Prisons

In this edition in our Reading Race and Criminality series, Dr. Brad Stoddard examines the history and politics that frame Florida's experimentation with faith-based prison reform.

Christian Support for the Black Lives Matter Campaign

Hannah Ciocco examines Black Lives Matter’s recent overtures among Christian communities, drawing parallels to the role of religion in the Civil Rights Movement. Ciocco draws upon the work of Broadcast Seeding guest, Drew G.I. Hart for insight on the role of religion in social activism and engagement.   “Every 28 hours, a black person is murdered … Continue reading Christian Support for the Black Lives Matter Campaign

Christianity Before and After Charleston of the most vivid accounts of baptism in the Black Church tradition while contextualizing the role of race and Christianity in American life.

REL 226 (WCH): The New Testament

The New Testament is a collection of first-century Mediterranean notes between people interested in the burgeoning Jesus movement. Translated, edited, and collated, these writings have since become a touchstone in the cultural heritage of the West. We will attempt to situate New Testament texts in light of the artifacts and social drama of the period … Continue reading REL 226 (WCH): The New Testament