Teaching Starter: An Introduction to Discourse Analysis

My penchant for backward course design impresses the need to consider method more and more. I'm asking myself what kind of work do I want students to be able to do by course's end. How will they know what they know?

REL 205 (SSC)- Scoping Out Religion: Theories and Methods

“Religion” is a concept that people frequently talk about without much precision. In this class we will introduce humanistic theories and social scientific methods to raise the level of discourse around religion. Our local community and the news of the day will serve as the laboratory where we will learn to seek answers and ask better questions about religion.

Religious Studies…It’s Complicating!

To work in religious studies is to constantly ask, "What are we talking about again?..Who's doing what?...How does that work?" There's been a lot of cool stuff in the news showcasing what many of us think the discipline is about. Kate Blanchard of Alma College shares the type of issues that keep us up at … Continue reading Religious Studies…It’s Complicating!