The Bible and Rap

Maya Aphornsuvan (Elizabethtown College '18) follows the story of rapper, MC Jin, examining how the Bible and race color the meaning of his success--whether he wants it to or not. This is the second issue in our fourth volume on the Bible and Race in the USA. You can read a response to this post here. “If … Continue reading The Bible and Rap

The Bible and Race in the USA: the Redundancy of Identity Politics

Hilary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign has prompted a number of post-mortem pieces on the state of the Democratic Party. Not too long ago, pundits had predicted that Donald Trump’s nativism spelled the end of the Grand Ole Party. Now the question is where did Hilary Clinton go wrong,

An America Past Time: Latina/o Pentecostals and the 11/9 Election

In this response to Twila McAdams and Amanda Robbins, Dr. Lloyd Barba uses the 11/9/16 presidential election to examine the tensions between the socio-economic and racial history of Latina/o Pentecostalism and the admonitions of Latina/o liberative hermeneutics.

Pentecostalism’s Rise through Hispanic Americans

Amanda Robbins challenges us to think through the appeal of Pentecostalism within a Hispanic American context. She wonders how the needs of communities register in Bible-reading strategies. See other pieces in our series on the Bible and Race here. Pentecostalism has been an increasingly popular religion in the United States of America, particularly for its … Continue reading Pentecostalism’s Rise through Hispanic Americans

A Stand for Diversity

In this second issue on Hispanic American bible reading, undergrad Twila McAdams looks at potential shifts in empathy regarding LGBTQ persons by evangelicals after the 2016 Orlando shooting. Her piece has us wonder how firm social boundaries are in light of trauma. See other pieces in the series here. A recent report from NBC news … Continue reading A Stand for Diversity