You’re a historian; Get the Memo?

A stack old books with the one on the top opened up.

One of the standard skills in a university education is the reading of a historical text. Traditionally this learning objective is explained in terms of two competencies--the engagement of primary sources and the use of secondary sources to assist in the interpretation of those primary sources. In fact, the very design of historical curricula is … Continue reading You’re a historian; Get the Memo?

Re-reading the Scriptures with Alex Haley and Malcolm X

Alex Haley typing while Malcolm X speaks

Dr. Richard Newton, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies University of Alabama, takes a look at two of the most influential works in 20th century American history—The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley and Roots: The Saga of an American Family—for guidance on how we got to this volatile moment. Drawing upon his research on identity formation, Newton … Continue reading Re-reading the Scriptures with Alex Haley and Malcolm X

Live Event—The University of Oklahoma

Logo for The University of Oklahoma

This week, I'm headed to the University of Oklahoma to discuss my research and pedagogy. Come check out my public lecture, "Scriptural Roots: How Alex Haley Read 'America Great Again.'"