Teaching with the iPad

I love my iPad 2. I know there are a lot of similar devices out there, but the iPad has a teaching utility that I just haven’t seen on other devices. I’m talking about the $50 app called “Doceri.” This program allows you to turn your LCD projector into a smartboard. So all those Power Points that you wanted to be more interactive, Doceri lets you make it happen. I’m not sure if I can describe to you what this app does. But if you’re a teacher and like technology, check out this video: http://youtu.be/rMEi1cTWfoc

So after I passed my Latin exam, I decided to get an iPad 2, the Doceri App, and the Doceri Good Point Stylus. There’s a reason why the program’s name derives from the Latin for “teaching.” It’s really enhanced my ability to teach writing and religious studies. And if you’re attending the Society of Biblical Literature this November, you can see me and Doceri in action.

Anyway, the folks behind the app decided to profile me and my use of Doceri. Click the link to check it out. Visual Learning for International Graduate Students at Claremont Graduate University.

Till Next Time,
Richard-Newton Picture

Richard Newton, PhD is curator of Sowing the Seed and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at  Elizabethtown College. His scholarship focuses on the anthropology of scriptures.

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