Advocating for Donald Trump: Falwell, Liberty, and the Bible in Modern Society

As the 2016 US Presidential election continues to heat up, pundits are paying increased attention to the Bible and politics. However, the most telling moments are not who gets the Bible right -chapter and verse- but who is reading between the lines. Sophomore Jessica Loving reflected on this sort of reading for her final paper in Dr. Richard Newton’s Introduction to New Testament class at Elizabethtown College.

Reflections in the Frost: Reading America’s Borderland

After a month in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am still baffled by the lack of fenced yards. When living in the Republic of Texas and the California Republic, I would have erected a fence before fixing a leaky roof. But here in the cradle of US freedom, there are not the same privatist hangups. … Continue reading Reflections in the Frost: Reading America’s Borderland