A Stand for Diversity

In this second issue on Hispanic American bible reading, undergrad Twila McAdams looks at potential shifts in empathy regarding LGBTQ persons by evangelicals after the 2016 Orlando shooting. Her piece has us wonder how firm social boundaries are in light of trauma. See other pieces in the series here. A recent report from NBC news … Continue reading A Stand for Diversity

Soft Territorialism in the Sioux and DAPL Conflict

Twila McAdams explores the sides, scripts, and stakes to the protest at Standing Rock. Israel Dominguez offers a response. This is the first post in our series on indigeneity and part of a conversation on "The Bible and Race in the USA." In a recent Huffington Post article, Georgianne Nienaber records that Native Americans from the … Continue reading Soft Territorialism in the Sioux and DAPL Conflict