2020–Perfecting Vision

I’ve seen a lot of people posting about the differences between their 2009 and 2019 experiences. Most that I have read have been pretty drastic. Only a few acknowledge consistency. Life can be funny that way.

Today I’ve been thinking about the highs and lows of the decade. Particularly, I’ve been reflecting on those moments where I’ve been confident enough in my own agency to define my point of view. It’s not everyday where I say, “This is how I’ll choose to remember…” some event. I just go about my day recollecting what happened. I don’t know….maybe I should take more time to be so bold.

Anyway, on the occasion of resolutions, I have been thinking about how you can’t shortcut the growth process. Shortcuts lead to short circuits, and those are not a good look.

Learning takes as long as it takes. I figured out as much in 2009 and I learned it again in 2019 (and a lot of times in between).

If hindsight is 20/20, then I choose to remember this day as a chance to take my time and not rush things. I won’t say “yes” just because someone else would. I won’t say “no” because I have never done it before.

This year I resolve to take as long as it takes because I want to remember living years appreciative of that simple fact. I may not like it in the moment. But I trust it will be worth it in the end, whenever that is.

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