Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Scholarly Hindsight - Keeping with the spirt of the season, we've assembled another edition of the Jedi Council for a review of The Last Jedi that you'll only find here at Sowing the Seed. Drs. Matthew J. Cressler, and Megan P. Goodwin join forces to discuss the ins and outs of Episode VIII with our curator.
Star Wars as American Religion - If one’s working definition of “religion” is more capacious than “beliefs in supernatural powers,” if the purpose of the course is to view American history and culture through the lens of “religion” – as a category of analysis, rather than a found thing – then new possibilities emerge.
“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,”… but probably reflecting a specific context. - I am not so much interested in what religions exist in Star Wars but why they may be there and why we read the “texts” the way we do. Although space is a vacuum, Star Wars was not constructed there. Instead it was constructed in a context that influenced Lucas and the rest of the moviemakers.
Forcing Religion into Star Wars: Another Episode of Scholarly Fiction - So if you’ve read this blog post to determine whether Star Wars is a religion, I’m sorry but this is not the blog post you’re looking for.