This chapter by S. Brian Stratton is one of the most difficult chapters in our textbook. Per the syllabus, I’ve noted how I’d like you to approach tackling the reading (Read pp. 176-177; Skim 180-184; Skim 184-190; Read 191). The difficulty of this chapter has to do with the amount of technical vocabulary as well as the tensions between two major discourses. It isn’t just academic though. There’s a lot to be gained.

And you can do it!

I want you to focus on the forrest rather than the trees. Below are some vocabulary words that I want you to find.


Noetic Structure-







It is okay if you struggle to put this chapter together. We’ll work on that in class. But do your best on defining the above. And then draft some preliminary thoughts on the questions below.

3 Beakers with various chemicals in them

(1) What are some of the hot-button issues related to science and religion in your hometown? (50 words)

(2) Critical thinking is among the highest values in a Liberal Arts/Social Science education. In what way does science constitute both a method of critical thinking and a subject/discourse to be critiqued? (150 words)