Despite the lessons we have learned about the African diaspora, it is important that we note how our education about Africans and African-descended peoples–for ourselves and many–render our object of study static. Gomez helps us to push past this trend. I’d also like you to use the lessons you’ve learned to follow your own curiosity on this subject.

In your notes, I’d like you to draw world map and create an infographic that details information about Africans and African-descended people’s presence on each of the continents. Use Gomez’s chapter to help you bring some insights to this, but you may also have to look beyond our reading.

When you are done (or as you completed it), give thought to thesis that your map advances. You may write this on your infographic.

Your infographic may be hand-drawn or computer generated. Should you want extra-credit, I will entertain a professional and well-crafted infographic as counting for two notebook assignments (i.e. a replacement for one).