The conjunction “and” does considerable work in the heading of this chapter. And the argument presented is up to the task of helping us explore all that may go into it. In studying the African diaspora, we should take note of the following:

(1) How do Africa and Africans appear within the biblical text?

(2) What is Africa’s legacy in biblical engagement?

(3) How has the Bible impacted and influenced the lives of Africans and African-descended people?

The Africana Bible: Reading Scriptures from Africa and the African Diaspora is a fascinating edited volume that explores the legacy of the Bible and the African diaspora.

In addition to jotting initial thoughts (150 words or so, sentences, phrase outlines, or other notes) on these ideas, I want you to consider the following terms/names as they pertain to the chapter (a couple of sentences each at least):

Prescription (and Inscription) v. Description [esp. p. 21]




The Queen of Sheba

Beta Israel

Ethiopian Eunuch