REL 501 Final Project- Social Theory Position Poster

For your summative assessment, you will create a digital presentation of your social theorizing about an issue in the study of religion in culture. This issue may be thought of as a keyword in the vein of entries in Raymond Williams or Russell T. McCutcheon & Aaron W. Hughes volumes. The issue provides you an opportunity to discuss how you might go forward in the academic study of religion in light of your study and research in the MA program. The poster and presentation create a venue in which you showcase your work in light of the tools and considerations with which you’ve experimented in the digital and public humanities.


  • Consider using Adobe Creative Cloud, Notion, Omeka, WordPress, etc.
  • PPT/Prezi etc. not acceptable unless you use a more advanced tool for research and analysis

Format Requirements:

  • -hypertextuality
  • -use of text, video, and images
  • -clear and concise language
  • -consistent reference style


  • 20% text /40% graphics/representation/40%empty space + reference
  • No more than 250 words per slide except with sparing block quotations.
  • Embed media and graphics where more effective than text.
  • Enough for someone to navigate themselves and understand.
  • Practice presenting through to a live person(s).


Title (1 slide)

Topic (1 slide)

Research Question (1 slide)

Hypothesis (1 slide)

Theory (3 slides)

Method (3 slides)

Literature Review (3 slides) 

Data (3 slides)

Analysis (3 slides)

Questions & Possibilities (3 slides)

Bibliography (# as needed)

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