To Exclude or Not To Exclude: The Politics of the World’s Religions Syllabus

There’s no way of getting around it. Some student will ask me why I don’t cover “X” religion in my survey course. It happens all the time. And I usually tell them how, given our limited time together, we can only cover so many traditions. Unfortunately that will appease most students. But I hope by … Continue reading To Exclude or Not To Exclude: The Politics of the World’s Religions Syllabus

Studying Science and Religion

This chapter by S. Brian Stratton is one of the most difficult chapters in our textbook. Per the syllabus, I’ve noted how I’d like you to approach tackling the reading (Read pp. 176-177; Skim 180-184; Skim 184-190; Read 191). The difficulty of this chapter has to do with the amount of technical vocabulary as well … Continue reading Studying Science and Religion

Kicking the Habit

Our discussion of society continues with a look at the term habitus. This is one of the trickier concepts we’ll be tackling this semester, but it is crucial to astute social analysis. It also dovetails with a lot of other social theory terms and, in my view, helps to clarify some of the more public … Continue reading Kicking the Habit


Life is about connections. Okay, life is about many things. But it’s at the connections where we so frequently realize and savor what we have. During my last year at Elizabethtown College, I had the pleasure of teaching and learning with a student named Nadia Mourtaj. I recently learned that Nadia and her younger sister, … Continue reading Nadia…

#SyrRelBodies: US Religions and the Regulation of Bodies of Color

Learn more about Dr. Goodwin’s amazing class here and follow the hashtag #SyrRelBodies on Twitter for a well-curated discussion of US religions and the regulation of bodies of color.