#CLUsexeth – Teaching Sexual Ethics Through Twitter

  In this interview, Kirsten Gerdes tells us about how she uses Netflix's Orange is the New Black and Twitter as a way of engaging students about sexual ethics and religion. 1. Tell us about the hashtag. Describe the project.  At California Lutheran University (CLU), I teach a class on sexual ethics for the religion department, and … Continue reading #CLUsexeth – Teaching Sexual Ethics Through Twitter

Blessings:Reprise–Chance the Rapper, Religion, and the Senses

Students in Dr. Richard Newton's Signifying Religion: An African American Worldview course were invited to employ tools and theories from religious studies to explore how meaning making works. Miriam Balasundram took a phenomenological approach to consider religion and the senses. She was taken by the rhythms of Chance the Rapper and reflected on what led her to … Continue reading Blessings:Reprise–Chance the Rapper, Religion, and the Senses

#BakerTravels – Exploring religious spaces through travels

In this interview, Nicholaus Pumphrey tells us the lessons he and his students learn in approaching different religious spaces through traveling and offers tips on how to do so successfully.   Tell us about #BakerTravels. Describe the project. Every year, Baker University has a January term that we call Interterm. The purpose is that students take … Continue reading #BakerTravels – Exploring religious spaces through travels

The Bible and Rap

Maya Aphornsuvan (Elizabethtown College '18) follows the story of rapper, MC Jin, examining how the Bible and race color the meaning of his success--whether he wants it to or not. This is the second issue in our fourth volume on the Bible and Race in the USA. You can read a response to this post here. “If … Continue reading The Bible and Rap

The Pledge of Allegiance and Native Americans

Maya Aphornsuvan looks at the contestation over American patriotism in light of settler-colonial and Cold War history. Israel Dominguez offers a response. This is the second post in our series on indigeneity and part of a conversation on "The Bible and Race in the USA." "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to … Continue reading The Pledge of Allegiance and Native Americans